29 August 2012


I am a very big fan of Bernina products and my place of work runs a Bernina club!! You take along your Bernina machine and get to complete a project designed by the Bernina team to learn how to use your machine and learn about accessories for the machine and use new feet and learn new techniques.

I love it! I love learning what my sewing machine is capable of doing, I love learning new techniques, I love that some people are so creative and can think up these amazing projects and I love completing an entire project I have never done before in a single day.

I am in love with these notebook covers made using Peltex!

The purple one is the second one my Mum has made and the grey one is the second one I have made using a travel themed fabric which may accompany me on my travels to act as my travel journal! *excited face*

The elastic pulls over the top and they open up with a pocket on the inside and a flip over notepad in the middle. I adore the pattern and it makes me proud that I have been given the opportunity and knowledge to make something so fancy!

28 August 2012

Paper Pieces All Around

I have two paper piecing projects on the go and these are some pictures of the original project that got me hooked and is still very much a work in progress...

Rainbow of Magic

Last night I finished reading Terry Pratchett's 'The Colour of Magic' and I give it 5/5!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am very excited to order the next book and continue on this epic reading adventure. He has written so many books, but I am determined to devour his Discworld series at least.

I am torn on only one thing; part of me wished I had started reading his books at a younger age, but I am also glad that I have started them now so I can appreciate his work as much as I am. He has such original ideas and theories entwined in his work and I am not sure if I would have seen the value in that when I was younger. Fear not though as I have discovered the wonderful Discworld and can happily say I'm in for the full works!!


27 August 2012

Dreams Stitching Together

It is so very exciting to see a project you dreamed up come to life. I have started a potentially silly project with my charm pack, but I have been enjoying it and that is all that matters.

My charm pack has made friends with four plain homespuns and is making a nest of 1/2" hexagons.

It is growing at a rapid rate

And is a craft I can do in the car too. Gotta love that.
I have many assessments to do in the next little while, so I fear this nest will be growing at a much slower rate, but it shall be waiting for me when time comes my way again.
I have also been enjoying Terry Pratchett's first book, 'The Colour of Magic' and am happy with my other potentially crazy decision to start at the beginning of his epic collection of Discworld novels. Loving it so much so far!


13 August 2012


I love it when you suddenly know what you want to do next - craft land-wise is where this mostly occurs for me, and I had one of those moments this morning.

I purchased a charm pack recently and have been longing to play with it to decide what I want to do with it and I had a lightning bolt of inspiration this morning.

I have decided that I will complement the prints from the charm pack with solids in the same colours and snip snip them all up and make an english paper pieced hexagon amalgamation!! I have been loving getting into my block of the month piecing, but have been lost as to what it will be once I am finished. My charm pack idea will be easier in just one shape with fabric I have chosen and much less planning for lay out. I am so excited.

AND Spotlight is having 30% off today and tomorrow so the solids shall be my Birthday present to myself and I can start on my big day tomorrow I hope :)

So very excited!! Ignoring the UFO's and being excited for a new project :p


04 August 2012

Take a breath and... breathe

I am so excited about all the things I have to look forward to in my future. I find myself becoming impatient that things I want to have happened are yet to occur, but there are days, like today that I am grateful they are yet to occur as I am able to dream about them and be excited.

Today I am dreaming of owning a house and planning what I want to have and how I want to decorate it. I have been finding so much inspiration and enjoyment from one blog that I discovered this morning, http://cornflowerbluestudio.blogspot.com.au/

I still have not scrolled through all her blog and I am already bursting at the seams with all the brilliance I have found in the one place! I have bookmarked many a page to come back to explore further and am looking forward to crocheting hearts and stars(starfish) and making a wripple afgan and would love to make a kitty bed from an old suitcase and have a bright, open craft space and oh so many more things!

I am elated that there is so much for me in my future! :D


Education pitfall

I don't like to complain and I am so very grateful I have the opportunity to study, but I have to say that I am looking forward to graduating at the end of this year and being able to spend my weekends reading novels and spending hours doing craft and having coffee in the sun in parks and going exploring and not feeling guilty for every moment I don't spend studying. Phew, now that I have that off my chest, back to the text book I go...

02 August 2012

Excitement in the house

I have just ordered a copy of 'Colour of Magic' by terry Pratchett! The anniversary edition and I am feeling oh so fancy! Haha!

Thus begins my epic journey of reading the huge number of books Terry Pratchett has written!

Wish me luck!

24 July 2012


I found an etsy store yesterday that I am smitten with.

pixiebell sells knitted and crocheted hats, scarves and other goodies and I am agonising over which pattern(s) to make mine!!

If only I could have them all *evil laughter* no, but seriously, gorgeous!


21 July 2012

Darker Grey

I tried to stay away from Fifty Shades Darker, really, I did! My desire to consume all books I see got the better of me and I have delved in to see what I can find.

This is not a good book. The language is driving me up the wall and if anyone refers to their subconscious as their inner goddess, I cannot guarantee I will not cause them physical pain. I am finding the story line less offensive, but am still concerned at the attraction of a young and innocent girl to a man that is obviously well and truly mentally damaged.

I am still at a loss at how the connection has been made between 50 shades and Twilight. The only resemblances I can see are popularity and a concerning female attitude of "irrevocably" falling in love with a man... can anyone else say 'Cinderella re-write'?

I must say though, these books must give hope to some aspiring authors. If writing of this quality can become a big time in the mainstream land of readers, they don't have a particularly high bar to strive towards.


Cute Little Saturday

These would have to be the cutest little rock pets I have seen yet.

19 July 2012

Crafty Longings

I seem to want to craft the most when I need to invest my time in other pursuits... studying mostly.

Yesterday Mum and I went to Spotlight to spend the $5 vouchers we got in the mail and I had two 20% off vouchers in addition. I now would love to be crafting, but have an assignment due tomorrow that I'm not even sure how to start, so my new robot pajama pants shall have to wait.

I picked up a new book, Zakka Style and it has offered me so much inspiration already! Elephant book marks - because an elephant never forgets, little zip purses shaped like houses - which opens up so many other possibilities... Ink stamps on fabric, cubes for storage made from fabric with cute embroideries and so many more ideas from this one book. I am glad I saw it and it followed me home.

House sitting means I am living away from my sewing machine, but felt projects are achievable and I have been doing a little knitting, lots of English Paper Piecing, a little novel reading and lots of text book reading.

I have started 50 Shades Darker. I didn't like 50 Shades of Grey, but the story has been playing on my mind and I wanted to know where the author would take it and how it will end. The second book so far is badly written, much like the first and as I am studying a unit that considers the self, what the conscious is, Ana's awareness of her subconscious, her "inner goddess" is really getting under my skin. The "inner goddess" phrase got to me in the first book, but it is worse in the second one. Not to mention any other things about this book that are below par, but that is for a different blog post.

Craft! Craft is fun and makes one happy and that is what I shall be dreaming of whilst doing this uni assignment. Elephant book marks with cute bows and ric rac and mini wheat bag pocket hand warmers and oh so many possibilities!!

May the craft be with you!


16 June 2012

Bargain Book Buy

I love bargain books and even better is an entire store with books for $5.

My home town is moving up in the world and currently has a bargain book store, I think it may only be temporary and prices have dropped from $10 to $5 and I picked up three Cassandra Clare books today, City of Bones, City of Glass and Clockwork Angel. I have seen Clare's books popping up and have wanted to have a look see but haven't until now.

I must confess my satisfaction and excitement were waned upon trying to decide which series to read first. City of Bones is the first book in one series and was published first, but Clockwork Angel is the prequel to City of Bones. I asked the internet for help but received little clarification as some reviews I read told me some people started with the prequel while others enjoyed the other series better. I am sure I shall figure it out, but if I was an author who wrote a prequel after publishing a series I would publish a reading guide for any new readers.

I sure hope the bargain book store stays in town and/or more come along soon! I love cheap online book stores, but noting beats the elation of buying a cheap book and clutching a bag of new treasure straight away. Patience may be a virtue, but books are gold in my eyes!

~ K ~

13 June 2012

The Midwich Cuckoos

The Midwich Cuckoos was not what I was expecting.

I have not read any of John Wyndham's other books and was expecting them to be more like H.G. Wells. I was pleased and amused at the references to Wells made in the text.

I read this book while studying and completing uni exams so it took me about a week to read. I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more if I had of read it faster. I felt there was no strong or compelling detail to keep the reader engaged and found myself drifting and easily bored while reading.

The ending seemed to have little build up while hinting several times to the outcome, making it predictable and I felt that deflated the conclusion.

I did however enjoy the overall concept and look forward to reading other books by Wyndham and also some more work by Wells.

~ K ~

09 June 2012

Inspiring People

Kim Noble is an amazing and inspiring person, well number of people.

Kim Noble was abused as a child and has lived most of her life with a number of personalities as a result. I finished reading her biography, 'All of Me' tonight.

I found 'All of Me' a challenge to read, but am very glad to have read Kim's story. I took several long breaks while reading as I found it an emotionally challenging read. I became frustrated at the people Kim encountered and close to enraged at the treatment she endured with no diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D) being made for many years.

I hope that Kim speaking out and sharing her experiences means that others in similar situations might not have to endure half of what she has survived.

Even after finishing 'All of Me' I find it surreal. I cannot fathom what it would be like to have no control over the personalities emerging and taking control of portions of my life. I have great admiration for all of Kim's personalities, her therapists and especially her daughter.

04 June 2012


I am an Austen fan and would love to have these sitting in my bookcase.
I can picture taking one down, stroking the cover lovingly, and having to turn back to the cover to adore it whilst reading.
I am becoming ever so fond of pink as I mature/age/get old. It seems I'm a couple of decades late in being a girly girl. I'm okay with it though.

Slow Lane

Unfortunately study has been coming first before reading, which I don't love, but holidays soon after my last exam and then I plan to devour a number of novels and spend a significant amount of time in front of the fire.

I have started on 'The Midwich Cuckoos' by John Wyndham and have appreciated that it hasn't captured my attention completely so I can study and still have a mildly interesting read to wake up to and read before catching some zzz's.

I was talking to my boss about books the other day and he said he doesn't like to read at night and that made me a little sad; thinking what life would be like without entering a wonderful fictional land to dream about all night. I suppose the ability to instantly sleep would be of greater value to a number of people, but I have read before sleep for as long as I have been able to read and can imagine no better way to end the day.

I have just received a distinction on an assessment, so I shall utilise that as motivation for my last day of study.

31 May 2012

Nam Le "The Boat"

'The Boat' has been on my 'want to buy' list for a number of months and I was delighted my local library had a copy. I started it yesterday and gave up this morning on page 97. I read the first two stories, started on the third and tried out a little of the last.

The beginning of the first story had me hooked, I was drawn into the characters life and the imagery was incredible, but the ending left me feeling very unsatisfied. I know a number of readers would love to say that this is a strong connection to the disappointments experienced in real life, but not me. I prefer a story that completes all major aspects and doesn't leave the reader hanging. Again, I acknowledge that a large number of readers appreciate a story that makes them think and leaves them with scenarios to ponder and figure out for themselves. I can appreciate this more in a longer story and not in a book of short stories when I want to go on to read the other stories.

I also feel as though the stories were trying too hard. It seemed like jumps between descriptions rather than  smooth flow of information and body.

I appreciate that a number of people like 'The Boat', but I will simply end by saying it is not for me.

28 May 2012

I have recently rediscovered the joy that is free books handed to you at the library and have carted home two books I have been tempted to buy for a long while and another I have heard about but never investigate, until now...

I just finished reading 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' and I am wishing I still had hundreds of pages remaining.

I love reading a good book, but there is that dreaded time when you read one that is so good there are few that can capture your attention and emotions for awhile after reading. I fear this may be one of those books.

I enjoy reading books presented as a series of letters, and this one especially so. I was fearful of becoming confused with the characters at first, but found the information at the start of each letter was enough to know who was who. There were a few times while reading I was sorely tempted to skip a few pages to see what was going to happen, but I didn't; okay, maybe just once.

I loved the snippets of information being included in letters to different people. I feel it kept it fresh and interesting, being included in with different tales and leading me to try to piece together who knew which secrets and what was left out, away from readers' eyes. I felt that staring into the distance remembering who had been told what and who had presented which theory helped create relationship with the characters and cement who fitted where and meant what to each other.

It became easy to forget the story was based upon survivors of a war an become carried away in the social twinnings and twistings. Events thrown in jolted the reality back causing what I can only assume a jolt such as would be the case for one attempting to forget it had happened. I am so very grateful to be one of  a much more peaceful generation and also that my culture recognises wars and those that allowed our peace.

The relationships were predictable but delightfully so, as it added to the suspense, waiting for what you knew was coming to eventuate and blossom. There were many 'Austen' moments and I was pleased at her mentions and recommendation to a male member of the society. The first mention of Jane brought a smile to my face and served only to intensify my love for this novel.

I give this book 5 potato peel pies out of 5 and am sorely tempted to order a copy for myself and gift one to my expecting cousin. I shall see how long I win against this temptation.

27 May 2012

In 2006 I completed the HSC and was no longer a high school student. I set myself a list of goals I wished to complete in the following year of freedom from academia... without any practical thought or calculation.

The list has since been mostly destroyed in account of what I have recently learned to be me making my reality state match my desired state, fancy words for covering my failure to eliminate feelings of failure or incompetence. There were a number of things on the list that I may not have the means to achieve in my life time, let alone in a mere 52 weeks, yet young industrious me could see my breezy success. Current, older me admires my faith in myself and the progress I have made.

The one goal I have not let go of was to read 100 books, enter comprehension on the unrealistic goal setting. It is going on 6 years later and I am close to finishing my 91st book. I am satisfied in my average of 15 books a year and am excited at the prospect of having a list of almost 100 books I have read.

I remember a paper list with ice-cream cones blu-tacked to my wall in primary school where I recorded the books I read and wish it was still floating around with some paintings of trees and cats, alas, I believe it to be lost in the dust of times gone by. I shall content myself with my new list of books and set my goal up a notch each time I reach another count of 100. My mind boggles at what number it may reach in my life's maturity.
I have had a bookmark that I have not looked at seriously for the last 8 months or so and I have finally opened it in order of procrastination and am dedicating the remainder of this post to it's subject matter; a list of 1001 books one should read before ones dies. Challenge accepted. With the right to choose to skip a few, 99, 100, of course! The list is on a number of different sites and I have not taken the time to determine it's origin, but I am happy to link to Listology.

I now plan to make this a mammoth post with my friends; cut and paste in order to present those of the list I have read.

Here begins a brand new internet blog journey. I am dedicating this site to my biggest and life-long passion; books.

I really need to tidy up my bookcase
I plan to share thoughts, reviews, progress and possibly gripes on the things I read and why I love them or why I would like to send them on their way with a warning for others to not bother with them.