24 July 2012


I found an etsy store yesterday that I am smitten with.

pixiebell sells knitted and crocheted hats, scarves and other goodies and I am agonising over which pattern(s) to make mine!!

If only I could have them all *evil laughter* no, but seriously, gorgeous!


21 July 2012

Darker Grey

I tried to stay away from Fifty Shades Darker, really, I did! My desire to consume all books I see got the better of me and I have delved in to see what I can find.

This is not a good book. The language is driving me up the wall and if anyone refers to their subconscious as their inner goddess, I cannot guarantee I will not cause them physical pain. I am finding the story line less offensive, but am still concerned at the attraction of a young and innocent girl to a man that is obviously well and truly mentally damaged.

I am still at a loss at how the connection has been made between 50 shades and Twilight. The only resemblances I can see are popularity and a concerning female attitude of "irrevocably" falling in love with a man... can anyone else say 'Cinderella re-write'?

I must say though, these books must give hope to some aspiring authors. If writing of this quality can become a big time in the mainstream land of readers, they don't have a particularly high bar to strive towards.


Cute Little Saturday

These would have to be the cutest little rock pets I have seen yet.

19 July 2012

Crafty Longings

I seem to want to craft the most when I need to invest my time in other pursuits... studying mostly.

Yesterday Mum and I went to Spotlight to spend the $5 vouchers we got in the mail and I had two 20% off vouchers in addition. I now would love to be crafting, but have an assignment due tomorrow that I'm not even sure how to start, so my new robot pajama pants shall have to wait.

I picked up a new book, Zakka Style and it has offered me so much inspiration already! Elephant book marks - because an elephant never forgets, little zip purses shaped like houses - which opens up so many other possibilities... Ink stamps on fabric, cubes for storage made from fabric with cute embroideries and so many more ideas from this one book. I am glad I saw it and it followed me home.

House sitting means I am living away from my sewing machine, but felt projects are achievable and I have been doing a little knitting, lots of English Paper Piecing, a little novel reading and lots of text book reading.

I have started 50 Shades Darker. I didn't like 50 Shades of Grey, but the story has been playing on my mind and I wanted to know where the author would take it and how it will end. The second book so far is badly written, much like the first and as I am studying a unit that considers the self, what the conscious is, Ana's awareness of her subconscious, her "inner goddess" is really getting under my skin. The "inner goddess" phrase got to me in the first book, but it is worse in the second one. Not to mention any other things about this book that are below par, but that is for a different blog post.

Craft! Craft is fun and makes one happy and that is what I shall be dreaming of whilst doing this uni assignment. Elephant book marks with cute bows and ric rac and mini wheat bag pocket hand warmers and oh so many possibilities!!

May the craft be with you!